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Annoncment 2
Oh! And there will also be other episodes published in between the big one. Including Cars 2 with the girls joining Lighting in the World Grand Prix, meeting the Wings Around The Globe racers, and the girls first day of school.  
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Heya there everypony!
I’ve been working on this new episode that's going to take while. Mostly because this one is going to be longer than most of the others. In this episode the CMC are going with Lightning to their very first race. But things go horribly wrong when the girls witness a murder and become targets themselves.
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April Foals/Fools
A totally random day in radiator springs
“ Hey girls look at that.”
Applebloom said pointing to a huge swirling vertex
“Wow cool! Hey let’s go through it.”
Scootaloo said heading to the vertex
“Ok. This will be fun.”
Sweetie Belle said following Applebloom and Scootaloo through the vertex.
Applebloom blinked her eyes open
“Oh Hey girls look. We’re back home.”
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Looking Back
At the hospital
Kurt Marshal and his family as well as all of Flash’s friends Thunderbass, Brawly Beats, Ringo, Micro Chip, Sandlewood, Crimson Napalm, Valhallan. And the girl's are all there too, his girlfriend Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Trixie, and Derpy.
“How long have we been waiting here?”
Valhallan speaks up sitting next to Brawly Beats and Miro Chip. It’s already been an hour or so since they arrived at the hospital.
“It’s been hours already! What’s taking so long!”
Thunderbass just about shouted. Pacing back and forth in the waiting room feeling impatient, anger, and fear for his friend. Twilight’s sitting down next to Sunset Shimmer with Rarity next to her on the other side. The two of them have been trying calm her down, Sunset has been crying ever since they entered the hospital. What makes this situation worst is that the two of them just got back together.
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Applebloom's Journal Entry #1
Howdy ya’ll this is Applebloom, so during our time being in Radiator Spring in this new world I decided to write a journal. We’ve already learned so much while be’in here and it’s amazing how everyone here is just like our sisters and their friends back at home. Fillmore is so much a like Fluttershy he’s a little shy when he’s ‘round new folks. I’ve notice that he has a real beautiful garden and i’m a sure if there a were more animals ‘round these parts they’d be all ‘round his house. But I’ve also noticed that he really likes to joke ‘round with Sarge a lot. And then Sarge he reminds me so much of ma big sis which now that I think ‘bout it I don’t feel so homesick anymore he’s a real hard worker and I might say as strong as ma big sis. Then there’s Ramon he’s like Rarity in every way he’s fashionable and real generous and I s
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Hi! Everypony timelordderpy hereDerpy Emote icon  and I just want everypony here to know that for one thing yes i am a timelord but i will explain that later. And that i'm willing to accept anypony as my friends and followers so please don't be shy let's play. Oops I have to go now the doctor is getting in the TARDIS 'WAIT FOR ME DOCTOR!'Tardis 2 


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